EasyInput - SAP and Excel integration

Users often retype data manually between MS Excel and SAP GUI. Why not to automate it? Why not to gather data in user friendly MS Excel and transfer it to SAP with one mouse click? Why not to read data from an SAP system into MS Excel to process it further there? EasyInput does exactly that!

The product is most commonly used for:

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Refreshed EasyInput!

Posted on by Chris Siwiec

EasyInput user interface was recently slightly refreshed and adjusted to changed name, colors and logos of the producer. See new product presentation (PDF).

Better data sheet checking in EasyInput!

Posted on by Chris Siwiec

Data worksheet checking was recently extended in EasyInput. Now it is possible to check data sheet entries against a list of given values, force an entry in a column, perform check without stopping on first error and change background of erroneous Excel cells. The mentioned features can be used offline, that allows detecting errors even before actually transfering data into the SAP system.

EasyInput for 64bit version of MS Office!

Posted on by Chris Siwiec

EasyInput have been recently compiled for 64bit version of Microsoft Excel. This version of MS Excel is only rarely installed due to extensions compatibility reasons (most of 64bit Windows systems use only 32bit Office versions). As 64bit Office offers unprecedented performance gains when large files are processed, EasyInput team decided to include MS Office 64bit platform in our current development stream. Have fun integrating SAP and Excel with 64bits.

New functionality to migrate data delivered in external format (e.g. headers and line items on separate data sheets)!

Posted on by Chris Siwiec

New important feature was added to EasyInput 3.3 version. Now it is easy to process data coming from external systems in separate files. Joining the data and copying to EasyInput format on EasyInput data worksheet can be easily automated! See here.

New demonstration videos accessible on EasyInput YouTube channel!

Posted on by Chris Siwiec

See how to create, read and maintain Bills of Materials (BOMs) from within MS Excel here. See how to maintain SAP HR Infotypes with MS Excel here. See how to record SAP transaction script directly from EasyInput and prepare working EasyInput workbook within 3 minutes here.

New EasyInput version with SAP GUI scripting support!

Posted on by Chris Siwiec

New EasyInput version 3.00 has come. This version incorporates SAP GUI scripting, has better context-sensitive help, is activated on demand and has many smaller improvements. In order to preview new functions watch the video accessible here.

Free EasyInput license for freelance consultants!

Posted on by Chris Siwiec

Single person freelance consultants can now apply for fully functional free perpetual single computer EasyInput license. Such a license can be used commercially on their projects. See more information on our download page.

SAP S/4 HANA Ready!

Posted on by Chris Siwiec

EasyInput was tested on SAP S/4 HANA system with Simple Finance add-on. Seamles integration between Excel and the new SAP ERP system was checked and proved with success!

New improved version has come!

Posted on by Chris Siwiec

New version of EasyInput is accessible to our customers (see video here). This new version is completely rewritten (COM addin). It has several advantages over the previous version. The number of improvements is huge, but to list the most important ones: user interface is improved, better performance, better installation (standard Microsoft ClickOnce technology), improved regional settings handling (date and number format), better user's manual, additional script progress display possible and many other small improvements.

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